Students in Woods II are working together to replace a bridge and section of boardwalk on part of the school's nature trail to make the walking path more accessible for classes and community members. So far the bridge is dismantled, and new posts and beams are going in!
about 6 hours ago, Rebecca Zeisler
Digging posts and setting them level.
Removing old boards.
Preparing to replace beams.
Senior Justin Clark & Freshman Jonas Baker have been utilizing their study hall during 9th period to work on a collaborative project for the Building Maintenance department in the Ag. Shop. They used their skills today to fabricate a safety rail onto a human forklift cage.
3 days ago, Tyler Gentry
Senior Justin Clark cleaning up a piece of angle iron for the project
Freshman Jonas Baker laying a bead down on the lift
This week students in Building Trades II used the blueprints for the new school building to learn about the different symbols and lines used in construction plans.
3 days ago, Rebecca Zeisler
Students analyzed both the framing plan and the landscaping design for the new school.
Many symbols are used in blueprints and students had to figure out what these symbols mean.
Students worked together to find various types of blueprint lines used throughout the plan.
Good afternoon. This message is for parents of high school students. Our HIGH SCHOOL PICTURE DAY (for grades 9-12) is set for this coming Thursday, October 6. All students will have their picture taken on picture day. Order forms were handed out to students to take home, but parents can also pre-order photo packages online. To pre-order school pictures, go to:
3 days ago, Bill Young
Picture Day
2022 FALL HOMECOMING Congratulations to our Fall Homecoming Court: Freshmen - Rhianna Weber and Wyatt Swanson, Sophomores - Adriana Cooper and Maddox Andrea, Juniors - Samantha Lippiatt and Louden Stryffeler. and Seniors - Riley Dangel and Brycen Haynes, Grace Hall and Hayden Casto, Gracie Johnston and Grant Greier, and Payton Price and Grant Knight.
4 days ago, Bill Young
Homecoming Court
Mr. Gentry's sophomore class has been learning all about soils. 1/2 the class earned spots on the soil judging team and were out at the district contest. Those that stayed back made their own "soil mixture" trail mix with marshmallows (Silt), M&M's (Clay), Pretzels (Sand). They then determined what percent of their mixture were each ingredient, then determined what their soil type was based on the soil texture triangle. They then researched the best uses for their soil types in the "judging soil for rural and urban use" book.
5 days ago, Tyler Gentry
Sophomores counting their "soil particles" to determine their soil make-up
After analyzing their soil type, they are researching the uses of the soil
Soil texture triangle
students calculating soil make-up by using a texture triangle
Mr. Gentry's 8th grade Intro to Agriculture class has been learning all about the soil under under us. They learned that there are 6 different layers of soil and what the function of each layer is. They got to put their knowledge to the test by building cereal soil horizon posters. They may have eaten more cereal than they glued down but it was a fun activity that helped them understand the concept!
5 days ago, Tyler Gentry
Students working on their Cereal soil horizon
One of the Completed soil horizons
Several different soil horizons completed
More completed soil horizons
Mr. Demster's Freshmen health classes recently completed a commercial project. This activity was used as an enrichment for a recent marketing and advertising health unit. The goal of the commercial was to either make their product sound healthy through the use of marketing techniques, or make their product sound healthier by comparing it to an unhealthy product. The following links are to the top two commercials, for each category, as voted on by the class.
5 days ago, Michael Demster
Mr. Demster's Strength classes recently completed a healthy cultural cooking unit. The emphasis of the unit is to create a healthy dish (high protein & low fat) based on a cultural recipe each group selected on their own. Below are some of the top creations created by the class.
5 days ago, Michael Demster
Bulgogi Korean beef and rice - Ethan Baker, Tori Firth, Mati Zines, and Emma Von Feldt
Filipino chicken and rice - Tyler Wood, Logan Martin, and Gage Smith,
Mexican beef and rice with pico de gallo - Josie Wargo, Zeb Snyder, and Ben Battaglini
Homemead Italian turkey sausage pizza - Nate Satterfield and Sydney Billy
FALL AUCTION SET FOR SATURDAY The 2022 Fall Auction will take place this Saturday, Oct. 1, at 6:00 PM in the high school cafeteria. The link below takes you to the booklet of auction items on the slate for this year's auction. Much thanks goes to Kiko Auctions and also to everyone who donated to our auction. All proceeds benefit the United Junior Class. Check out the auction booklet and come out for the fun!
7 days ago, Bill Young
Auction Flyer Cover
Mr. Gentry's 6th grade Career Exploration class has been working really hard researching careers that interest them. We shook things up this morning and had the students act out a career that they find an interest in! We had Dairy herdsman, several cops, a yoga instructor, Welders, and college professors to name a few!
7 days ago, Tyler Gentry
acting out a mounted patrolmen
Our yoga instructor in class
One of several Welders
Construction worker
Mr. Gentry's Ag.3 & Ag.4 have been putting practical skills learned in the classroom to the test in the shop building Circuit boards. They had to wire a 2 way switch to a light, and then add a second light in the sequence. As you can see, we had some "Bright bulbs" in the electrical unit!
7 days ago, Tyler Gentry
Seniors work on laying out their circuit boards.
Seniors begin wiring the plug and junction box
We have light!
Junior class got a bit further and wired in their second light!
The 8th grade Introduction to Animal science class just wrapped up their shop safety unit. Mr. Gentry was VERY pleased with the creativity of the safety posters they created to add some color to our Ag. Shop, here are just a few!
10 days ago, Tyler Gentry
Using power tools when wet can be a little...Slippery
Never distract someone when they're using tools
Dress well, or die trying
Don't distract others that are working!
11 days ago, Bill Young
Auction Flyer
40 Agriculture education students traveled to London, Ohio on Tuesday morning to visit the 2022 Farm Science Review hosted by The Ohio State University. Whether you are looking to innovate with the latest Ag-technology, learn from industry experts, or share your farming legacy with your family, the Farm Science Review has it all. All the students who attended learned new skills & saw equipment and technology they have never seen before!
12 days ago, Tyler Gentry
Ag.1 freshman were discussing how large the equipment was compared to what they see in Columbiana County
Ag.2 students learning about soil science with the Franklin County NRCS soil specialist
Ag. 1 students  learning from the Department of Wildlife the affects of wildlife harvest and the benefits is has on our ecosystem
A mix of Ag.1 & Ag.4 putting their plant science skills to test, designing a plant for maximum benefits with roots, stem and leaf. They called their masterpiece the "prickly corn".
All grade levels will have a 2-hour late start TOMORROW for staff in-service meetings. All school buses will run 2 hours later than usual. Check out our District School Year Calendar on our school webpage for future changes to our regular day:
20 days ago, Bill Young
District activities and offices will be closed this Thursday, August 18, 2022, until 3 pm for electrictiy repair and service. We appologize for any inconvience.
about 2 months ago, United Local Schools
Congratulations to Kaleb Nastari! After claiming the state championship title in the 800 meter run on June, he has been invited to run in the New Balance Outdoor Nationals contest at Franklin Field in Philadelphia. Go Kaleb!
4 months ago, United Local Schools
Congratulations to our fifth grade award recipients of The President's Award for Educational Achievement. This award is given to a student who has shown tremendous growth and demonstrates unusual commitment to learning in academics despite various obstacles.
4 months ago, United Local Schools
Congratulations to our fourth grade classrooms did a great job directing, prop making, and performing their classroom's play for the rest of their grade.
4 months ago, United Local Schools